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La Marató de TV3, which focused on organ and tissue regeneration and transplants this year, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a new success in terms of social participation and a noteworthy economic milestone in its history:   €7,231,628. This provisional amount is that shown on the board at 1:20 am, when hosts Xavi Coral and Espartac Peran closed the program, and nearly equaled last year’s record (€7,246,114). The final count will be made public today.

The funds have been raised thanks to thousands of donations from the public by phone on 905 11 50 50 —a total of 1,037 phone lines were needed to answer these solidary calls from Catalan residents— and 1,600 popular activities organized around Catalonia. In any case, donations will be accepted through 31 January 2012.

The 20th La Marató de TV3 was also highly active on social networks. During the 15 hours the program was broadcast, 6,000 people joined its Facebook page (for a total of 125,075 friends) and it gained 2,500 new followers on Twitter, in addition to the previous 10,510.

Destination of funds raised

The investment of funds raised by La Marató 2011 will allow for research into new breakthroughs in the fields of surgery, pharmacology, organ and tissue preservation and further applications of regenerative medicine. This investment in research will be carried out through research projects.

In February 2012, the La Marató de TV3 Foundation will open their call for proposals for these projects. The specific date will be announced through the media and on the website. Biocat will also announce this information on their website and social networks.

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