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The second edition of MEDlab will begin this October. This program is a collaboration of different organizations from the healthcare and technology sectors –including Biocat– that aims to quickly create new medical devices that cover needs detected in the market. The program is driven by La Salle Technova Barcelona.

MedLab is an innovative process led and managed by the La Salle Technova team, involving both opportunity generators (hospitals, entities, technology centers and universities) and solution providers (microbusinesses, SMEs and large companies in the healthcare and technology sectors). The program is planned so that, in three or four sessions, participants can design solutions that meet market needs identified by industry experts, with each participant contributing their know-how and expertise. The medical devices are then developed by a consortium of firms or spin-offs.

The first edition of the project was held in 2010, with participation of 24 organizations, and "has already yielded results,” explains Project Director Tania Sagaste. "We are now looking for funding for a development project for a new medical device for apnea, made up of a consortium of seven participating companies,” specifies Sagaste.

The new edition will start in October with a plenary session to present trends and lines of action.


More information:
La Salle Technova Barcelona
Tania Sagaste (head of the MEDlab program)

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