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Laboratoris Ordesa, a company specializing in childhood nutrition based in Sant Boi de Llobregat, saw turnover grow to €112.4 millions, up 4.7%, in 2014. By 2020, the company aims to hit €200 millions in turnover, and is focusing its efforts on international growth to do so.

This growth is mainly due to increased sales, cutting structural costs, implementing more efficient sales policies and consolidating foreign markets the company had opened in previous years.

In 2014, the company’s sales abroad grew 16%, putting international business at 45% of total turnover, after entering China and Turkey. As a result, Laboratoris Ordesa has launched a plan to grow in new markets and double current sales over the coming 5 years.

The company is currently present in 15 countries, mainly in the Middle East, where its main foreign market is Saudi Arabia, and Latin America. It is focusing its strategy on continued growth in the Middle East, moving into northern Africa and expanding its presence in Asia.

Furthermore, in addition to international expansion, Laboratoris Ordesa expects 8.9% growth in 2015 through the consolidation of new product lines and its commitment to R&D&i. The company is currently working on an average of 15 new projects per year and collaborates with a network of more than 200 researchers around Spain on a regular basis. 

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