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The nutritional supplement to fight tuberculosis developed by biotechnology firm Manremyc, led by Dr. Pere-Joan Cardona, will be sold in Europe thanks to a collaboration agreement with pharmaceutical company Reig Jofre.

The deal estimates the product, registered under the brand name Nyaditum resae, could be available in Europe as soon as late 2017. Before that, Reig Jofre will conduct the development and marketing phases, register the dietary supplement as a novel food with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and manufacture the product in its facilities.

The positive results of the Nyaditum resae supplement have made this agreement possible, seeking to address the incidence of tuberculosis in Europe. There are fewer cases than on other continents but the number is growing each year. According to a statement, theprobiotic has been proven to generate an immune response to the bacteria when administered in tablets for two weeks. The WHO, however, recommends a six-month treatment for those infected with the bacteria.

For Reig Jofre, this agreement falls under the framework of a two-pronged strategy. First of all, it addresses their commitment to preventing diseases, which they are also promoting with the nutritional supplements from the Natraceutical Forté Pharma laboratory after the merger. Secondly, the company aims to consolidate its commitment to innovation through collaboration, which in this case has been done through a spin-off of the Germans Trias i Pujol Health Science Research Institute Experimental Tuberculosis Unit.

In the words of Reig Jofre CEO Ignasi Biosca, “It is essential that we stand beside biotechnology start-ups and research centers during the complex and costly journey of transferring technology to society.” Before it is on the shelves in Europe, however, the Manremyc supplement will be on sale in India and Nepal starting in 2016 through an agreement with Tablets India.


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