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ACC1Ó –the agency that drives competitiveness in Catalan companies, which belongs to the Catalan Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise– has opened their 2010 call for proposals for internationalization, innovation and business management grants. In total, there are approximately 40 types of subsidies for companies and organizations.

The innovation grants are aimed at driving R&D projects and technology-based business growth. Some of these grants are particularly interesting for companies and organizations in the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector:


  • Eranet R&D Eurotransbio and Manunet: grants to drive Catalan participation in Eranet calls for proposals for the Eurotransbio and Manunet projects, with a minimum expenditure eligible for subsidy of 150,000 euros.
  • 7th Framework Program R&D: grants to present R&D projects to the EU’s 7th Framework Program 2007-2013, to be carried out jointly by companies and research bodies. 
  • Innovation Hubs: funding aimed at fostering the attraction of companies to science, technology and innovation parks or specialized industrial complexes. 
  • Technology-Based Companies: funding to consolidate new technology-based companies. 
  • Cooperation nuclei R&D: grants for industrial research and experimental development projects carried out by groups of companies (minimum three), with some tasks outsourced to research or technology centers.

Organizations (technology centers, research institutes, etc.):

  • Action plans for technology stakeholders: grants to encourage action plans regarding R&D activities in technology stakeholders.

Additionally, the internationalization grants support international activity, from initiation and expansion through consolidation. The business strategy and management grants support the growth of Catalan companies.

There are also scholarships for young graduates to do internships abroad.


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