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Biocat and the KaosPilot Danish entrepreneurial school have signed a collaboration agreement under the framework of Moebio, an innovative higher education initiative driven by Biocat to promote entrepreneurship in the biohealth sector in Europe, and which has the support of Ciemat (MINECO).

Moebio is one of the key projects in Biocat’s bid to coordinate a future European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in health.

In order to carry out this training program on the interfaces of science, technology and business management, Biocat has forged partnerships with a number of renowned European and American institutions. The case of KaosPilot is of particular interest as the school has a different take on training entrepreneurs that aims to create a positive social change through both personal and professional growth. Director of the center Christer Windeløw-Lidzélius defines it as “a center where creative people and those who wish to provoke social change can develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make their ideas a reality.”

The agreement between these two organizations will allow Biocat to verify its innovative proposal with KaosPilot’s more than 20 years of experience. The aim is to train open-minded entrepreneurs that can transform their organizations and face real social problems and challenges in order to build the society of the future.

According to Biocat, “the aim is to create knowledge spaces where participants can share ideas, experience and know-how, as well as learning by carrying out real projects together (learning by doing)”. Thus, we are looking at a groundbreaking proposal, based on excellence, with high value added, where the exchange of experiences and creativity are the foundation for teaching and learning.

In October, the Spanish Ministry of Education earmarked a €150,000 subsidy for the Moebio innovation in biodesign program, through the University of Barcelona International Campus of Excellence.

Biocat expects to start up the Moebio training program in 2012.

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