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The 18th Healthcare Investment Forum, held on 23 February, selected 10 innovative projects in the healthcare and life sciences arena to be presented to the audience at the Barcelona Medical Association (COMB). Organized by COMB, Biocat, Barcelona Activa and ESADE BAN, the forum gave newly created start-ups seeking funding a voice. The session began with a presentation from Innovative Forum, a network that puts scientists in contact with investors.

The companies presented were GlyCardial Diagnostics, a spin-off of the Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences that is developing a new cardiac ischemia marker; SEE-Tx, a Minoryx Therapeutics platform specializing in drug discovery for rare diseases; and New Born Solutions, which is working on a non-invasive test to predict childhood meningitis as an alternative to spinal taps. This project, in fact, came in second in the IMAGINE IF! final in Cambridge.

The other projects presented were ABCDx, which is developing new tools to classify, diagnose and treat patients with brain injuries; Persei vivarium, a digital health company based on a platform to better manage and design healthcare processes in hospitals; ReThink Medical, whose first project is a urinary catheter; FUSMobile, which focuses on fighting chronic pain with non-invasive ablation using ultrasound technology; MJN Neuroserveis, which presented a portable non-invasive device that can predict an epileptic fit before it happens; Nahil Diagnostics, with its software to analyze and interpret mass-sequencing, microbiomic and microbial genomic data; and Xkelet Easylife, which has developed a new system to stabilize broken bones.

All of the project presentations can be seen on YouTube.


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