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With just a few days left before the 2011 Biocat Forum, which will be held 24 November at Barcelona’s Casa Llotja de Mar, an online partnering tool has been made available to help participants meet and get in touch before the event.

The slogan for the 2011 Forum, The value of the cluster, stresses the power “we obtain from working together as an active part of the BioRegion of Catalonia,” explains Biocat CEO Dr. Montserrat Vendrell, but also the spirit of the Forum itself, which with spaces like the networking lunch aims to be an effective tool for generating value.

The Biocat Forum, which is the annual meeting of the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector in Catalonia, brings together a wide variety of stakeholders in the BioRegion, ranging from businesspeople to entrepreneurs, researchers, politicians and investors. This meeting, which Biocat began four years ago, “recognizes and celebrates the daring of those who continue entrepreneuring and driving this sector, convinced that biotechnology will be a key part of the Catalonia of the future,” commented Vendrell.

Sir Andrew Dillon will be at the Forum to speak on the experience of the British NICE, a body that has become the top European benchmark.

This year’s program of conferences puts important challenges on the table: how to ensure innovation is introduced into healthcare systems at a time of global economic restrictions; how to drive personalized medicine and reap the advantages this can offer in terms of healthcare management, qualitative improvement to healthcare and a more rational system; or how to bring about positive transformative changes in companies through appropriate management of human resources.

To discuss these topics, the Forum will feature top-notch international experts like Sir Andrew Dillon, head of the British National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), a body that has become the top European benchmark in this arena, and presented by Alícia Granados, senior strategy director for HTA (Healthcare Technology Assessment) at Genzyme and 2010 Ambassador to the BioRegion.

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