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By Biocat

Pharmaceutical company Esteve has appointed Joan Esteve president of the Board of Directors, a position previously occupied by Antoni Esteve. The professional career of Joan Esteve, a trained economist and member of the second generation of this company, goes back to 1971 and is closely linked to this company. In his early years, he led the international projection of the group and, later, shared executive management responsibilities. In 2000 he was named vice-president and since 2011 has presided over the General Board of Shareholders.

Antoni Esteve will continue on as a member of the Board and will still be involved in the business project.

The Board of Directors, the highest decision-making body at Esteve, is made up of nine members: Joan Esteve (president), Josep Esteve (honorary president), Albert Esteve (CEO), Antoni Esteve, Jordi Esteve, Sílvia Gil-Vernet, Santiago Descarrega, Joaquim Targa and Maria Pagès. Also, Agustí Jausàs (secretary), Joaquín Monleón (vice-secretary), Jesús Caínzos and Rossend Tost (external advisors) and Josep M. Ràfols (secretary general of the corporation).

In September, Esteve inaugurated a new R&D center at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) with an event attended by President of the Government of Catalonia Artur Mas and other authorities.

This pharmaceutical company is on the Biocat Board of Trustees.

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