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TECNIO certification is the seal granted by the Government of Catalonia, through ACCIÓ, to identify differential Catalan technology, the providers supplying it and the facilitators participating in the technology and knowledge transfer process. It also aims to align regional innovation strategies approved by the European Union.

This certification establishes four types of stakeholders: public technology developers (such as universities and research centers); private technology developers (like engineering firms and technology-based companies); non-profit technology developers (like technology centers); and public facilitators of technology (such as technology transfer offices).

In line with Catalonia’s RIS3CAT Strategy and Industrial Strategy, this initiative identifies technology transfer as one of the key mechanisms for boosting the number of innovative companies in Catalonia and making them more competitive. Director General for Industry Núria Betriu explained, “56.8% of Catalan companies with more than 9 employees are innovative and 84.6% of these expect to see turnover rise.” According to Betriu, “Catalonia must be positioned as a benchmark region in Europe in terms of innovation.”

The new TECNIO-certified stakeholders may display the seal to boost visibility and recognition through ACCIÓ, enjoy marketing and dissemination services, international cooperation guidance, preferential information on ACCIÓ activities, priority for grants and specific programs, networking activities and skills courses in technology transfer.


How to apply for TECNIO certification

Anybody that meets the established requirements for their specific type of organization may apply for TECNIO certification.

The certification will be valid only through 31 December 2019. After this time, renewal will no longer be automatic, as the requirements will be adapted to changing programs and business needs.

In order to get ACCIÓ TECNIO certification, stakeholders must meet the established requirements and fill in an online certification application.


54 certified TECNIO stakeholders

In the first phase, the Government of Catalonia certified 54 providers that participate in transferring technology and knowledge to market, helping companies create new products and services. Baiget is committed to making “the seals a push forward for TECNIO-certified stakeholders and way to set themselves apart to make it easier for companies to identify quality, specialization and innovation capacities.” Catalan Minister for Enterprise and Knowledge Jordi Baiget highlighted that “companies must internalize innovation as part of their production processes.” According to the Minister, “We need a productive economy that generates more value added: this is one of the challenges facing our country.” This certification is valid through 2019 and will be open to new organizations in upcoming phases.

For more information you can check the list of the TECNIO-certified stakeholders.

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