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The Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and the Toulouse Cancer Campus, with collaboration from Biocat, have organized the second annual Summer School on Medicines (SSM2), which begins tomorrow and runs through 10 September in Toulouse and Barcelona. SSM2 will study the drug production process, from creation through to market, over its eleven days. Specifically, the sessions will look at issues related to basic science, drug development, technology transfer and clinical development.

This year speakers will include representatives from companies including Sanofi-Aventis, Almirall and Merck Sharp & Dohme, as well as researchers from Hospital Clínic, Hospital del Mar, Hospital Santa Fe, the Claudius Regaud Institute and the Gustave Roussy Institute, among others.

SSM2 will also include visits to research centers and pharmaceutical companies in Barcelona and Toulouse, two key cities in drug development in Southern Europe. Participants –mainly researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral students– will be in the Catalan capital on 3 and 4 September, where they will participate in technical sessions and visit facilities at the PCB and biotech company Advancell (specialized in nanomedicine and in vitro models).

The SSM2 initiative is part of the Interbio project, driven by the European Union with the aim of promoting territorial cooperation in Southwest Europe in order to put this area on the cutting-edge of research.

Nanobiotechnology and information and healthcare technologies

As part of the Interbio project, Barcelona will also hold a seminar entitled Nanobiotechnology & IT for Life Sciences and Medicine from 4 to 6 October. This seminar is organized by Biocat with scientific advisory services from the PCB and the UAB Research Park (PRUAB), and aims to increase mutual knowledge and collaboration among the participating Interbio regions (Barcelona, Valencia, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lisbon), and identity common needs on a European level (infrastructures, programs, etc).




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