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Medical-technology company Sabirmedical —which is based in the Barcelona Science Park bioincubator— has just announced that Dr. Oriol de Solà-Morales will join the company’s staff as the new Medical Director. This new incorporation, in addition to the injection of capital in 2010, will allow the company to have the resources it needs to grow and finish developing its most advanced product: the technology/device for non-invasive measurement of blood-glucose levels using light.

Solà-Morales is one of the most renowned Spanish experts in the field of healthcare technology evaluation, a field of scientific research that fosters clinical policies and decision-making regarding the introduction and use of these technologies. Before joining Sabirmedical, he held the position of Head of Healthcare Technology Evaluation with the Healthcare Information, Evaluation and Quality Agency (AIAQS) belonging to the Catalan Health Service.

This new incorporation provides the Catalan company with the necessary scientific and clinical validation to take their technology to market.

Oriol de Solà-Morales holds a Bachelors degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a Masters in Healthcare Planning and Funding from the London School of Economics and a Diploma in Team Leadership from the University of Ramon Llull. He began his career as a doctor specializing in Internal Medicine (through December 2007).

As Medical Director at Sabirmedical, he will develop and manage interactions with agents involved in product development phases and will coordinate and foster institutional relations with health agencies and the healthcare system. He will also be in charge of regulatory approval of products, among other issues.

"It is an interesting challenge, at a time when it is clearer than ever that innovation in the health field is the only possible road,” explained Solà-Morales. "Sabirmedical’s products are not just innovative, they are also a breakthrough in medical care in a variety of growing markets and provide clear benefits for patients and the healthcare system as a whole. Their most advanced products are unique, and require a level of clinical excellence that Sabirmedical will confirm over the coming months before international institutions with support from opinion leaders and hospital centers of renowned prestige.”

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