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Next session of the formative program Biocàpsules organized by Biocat next June 9 will deal with Project Management. It has few places available. This eminently practical course will give the participants the opportunity to learn project management concepts and their importance for company strategy development: how to plan and organize properly, and, especially, how to analyze project risks and decision aspects where different company areas and even external agents interact.

Albert Cubeles, codirector of the Master of Project Management and of the International MBA of La Salle, and Laurentiu Neamtu, Technical director at Quantech Atze and auxiliary teacher at La Salle Business Engineering School (BES La Salle) will give the course.

This Biocàpsula is structured in four modules and has duration of eight hours:

  • Project management concepts and principles
  • The organization and the project
  • Project definition and planning
  • Project control and closing

Last session, Strategic Communication

Last Biocàpsules session took place last May 19; it dealt with Strategic Communication as an essential concept to add value to aspects as relevant as reputation, image and credibility in biotechnological entities and companies. A second edition of this Biocàpsula will take place next October 14, 2010.

Helena Perelló, Marketing Manager at Laboratorios Dr. Echervarne explains that "one of the most interesting things, apart from contents, has been learning about different realities and specific sector organizations’ experiences. Along the day, we have shared crisis, transition, change and expansion situations. We have seen how to focus on communication with the different social agents implied".

Eduard Diviu, founding partner and responsible for business development at micro company Sagetis-Biotech, takes part in all Biocàpsules of this year as winner of the prize BioemprenedorXXI 2009: "It has been useful for me to understand the importance of including communication as an strategic element in the company and, in spite of being in a very initial phase, it has been also useful to see the need of drawing a communication plan thought sooner than we have expected".

Especially valuable are Carme Vendrell words. She is R+D manager at Avinent and is a professional working closely to research: “I have seen it clear, the key element of a business strategy, apart from a good management, is a good communication. And that planned communication, as a corporative strategy, brings the company an added value. Apart from this, Biocàpsules have a very wise format, concise and dynamic, with a good balance between theory and practice".

For further information: Biocat • Biocàpsules Technical secretary's office • Tel. +34 93 310 33 30 •


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