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Public procurement of innovative technology is when a public body approves a purchase order for a product or system that doesn’t yet exist at that moment and, thus, requires new or improved technology to be developed in order to meet the required standards.

On 8 July, the Spanish Government announced various measures to drive public procurement with a fixed goal of 2013, by which time 3% of all purchases made by the administrations must employ this method. This way, ministries and public bodies must commit to setting aside part of the budget for this type of technology. The Ministry of Science and Innovation (Micinn) announced that they would start up a funding instrument to support technology supply companies that participate in innovative public procurement processes through the Innodemanda Program.

On 27 September, in Madrid, the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Companies (Asebio) and the Spanish Biotech Platform are holding a workshop for companies in the biotechnology sector to explain how the program works, its management, the legal and institutional framework of public procurement and the requirements and steps companies must follow to carry out public procurement with the Administration.

The biotechnology sector now accounts for 20% of all Spanish R&D according to the 2010 Asebio Report, which directly impacts the development of new technology. Many sectors could benefit from purchasing technology from Spanish biotech companies, such as healthcare, environment (bioremediation, waste reuse, etc.), agrifood (food safety), genetic diagnostics, bioinformatics, energy (biofuel), and many others.

At the end of the event, participants will receive the book entitled Compra pública de tecnología innovadora en biotecnología (Public procurement of innovative technology in biotech) by the COTEC Foundation.


DATE: 27 September 2011
Time: 9:30 am
Place: CEOE • Saló José María Cuevas • C/ Diego de León, 50 • Madrid (Spain)

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