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Biocat and the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) have signed a collaboration agreement to drive innovation and the knowledge economy, optimizing funding for biotechnology companies and projects linked to the BioRegion of Catalonia.

Thanks to this agreement, researchers and spin-offs from universities, technology centers and science parks in the BioRegion of Catalonia that are looking for investors for their projects, research lines or patents, can join the Inberso virtual platform for free. Through this web platform, promoted by the USC with support from Santander Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, researchers and entrepreneurs can present their projects to a number of professional investors without having to travel, at least in the beginning. Their profile will not only be made available to all accredited Inberso investors, but will also be sent to those that might be interested in each project.

The investors -business angels, venture capital companies and family offices- have the chance to see a large number of technological spin-offs on a virtual directory, select those that best meet their investment criteria, learn relevant data about the initiative and contact the team behind the project directly.

Documents presented regarding the project are analyzed by the Inberso technical team and, if they meet the platform’s criteria, the project’s registration will be confirmed in three working days. Access to the directory of projects is restricted, as it is located on the private part of the platform and available only to those investors that have demonstrated an interest and their career.

For more information:
Inberso (indicate Ref. BioRegion of Catalonia when appropriate)
Tel. +34 981 56 31 00 (Ext. 15565)


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