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Sabirmedical, a company specializing in the development of advanced medical technology for non-invasive patient monitoring and diagnosis of a variety of pathologies, has attracted a new investor: the venture capital management body for the Official Credit Institute (ICO) venture capital fund, Axis Participaciones Empresariales, which will invest one million euros in the company. This investment completes the first round of funding that Sabirmedical began in September, through which they have already received 5 million euros from Ysios Capital Partners and Caixa Capital Risc.

The total of 6 million euros in investment the company has received will allow them to finish developing their most advanced product, a non-invasive blood pressure monitoring system. This device, due to both its ease of use and the precision of the data it provides, is set to become a clear alternative to existing blood pressure monitoring systems.

An important hemodynamic breakthrough

Sabirmedical’s new monitoring system is based on pulsoximetry, doesn’t use a cuff and provides blood pressure data every 20 seconds, without calibration.

It is a continuous monitoring device that ensures that any rapid hemodynamic event or high blood pressure episodes are detected. This is especially important for patients in intensive care units, giving birth or under anesthesia, among others.

This blood pressure monitoring system is also a breakthrough in preventing and treating high blood pressure, as it provides information on the changes in blood pressure and detects whether these are just isolated events or are truly a case of high blood pressure.

The company, which is currently working to get this product certified, expects to begin marketing the monitor globally in 2012.

The investment will also allow them to continue developing other technology in their pipeline, like a non-invasive blood glucose monitor. This device would notably reduce the number of times a patient being treated with insulin has to take blood samples. 

Sabirmedical is based in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) bioincubator.

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