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Sanifit and Mitelos have successfully concluded development, registration and industrial scale-up of a patented dietary supplement, SNF671, that could be a great leap forward in preventing osteoporosis. An estimated 3 million people in Spain and 100 million worldwide suffer from this disease, which mostly affects post-menopausal women.

The supplement, which originated in the University of the Balearic Islands Laboratory of Renal Lithiasis Research, has been proven effective in both in vitro and in vivo models, as well as three epidemiology clinical studies. It was in these studies that exposure to the SNF671 supplement was proven to correlate with increased bone mineral density and reduced loss of bone mass.

The two companies that led the process highlight the importance of this supplement in the current context of questioning calcium supplements: an editorial in the British Medical Journal stated that there is no clinical evidence proving that increased calcium from dietary sources helps prevent fractures. In fact, patients don’t seem to benefit from it and are at higher risk of adverse side effects like constipation, kidney stones or hospitalization for acute gastrointestinal symptoms.

According to Sanifit and Mitelos, the new product could be a good alternative to these traditional supplements. In fact, they are currently seeking licensees and some agreements are in advanced stages of negotiation.


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