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The president of the Parliament of Catalonia, Núria de Gispert; the secretary of Universities and Research, Antoni Castellà, and the director of the Catalan Research Support Institute Foundation (FICSR), Pere Pardo, will open today at 11am at the Catalan Parliament, the sixteenth Science Week. Antoni Esteve, President of Laboratories Esteve, company which supports this year’s event, will also be present.

After the institutional parliaments, two lectures will be made: The challenges of chemistry in its international year, by the Director of the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), Miquel Àngel Pericàs, and Lines of thoughts on our Mediterranean forest management, in charge of the teacher of Ecology of the University of Barcelona and member of the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications, Carles Gracia.

The Science Week, which starts today and until next 27th November 2011, groups 270 divulging activities of scientific and technological knowledge all over Catalonia and includes workshops, games, talks, guided visits, competitions, etc. All free and for all public. It is foreseen that over 200,000 Catalans will take part in it. This year’s edition is about chemistry and forests, coinciding with the celebration of the international years in these two areas. On the other hand, there are two singular events to highlight: two scientific walks around Barcelona organised by the Secretary's Office of Universities and Research of the Catalan Government.
One of the fundamental challenges of the Science Week is to promote the knowledge of  science and scientific vocations among secondary and high school students. The central activity is on the Day of Science at Schools next 23rd November, which will celebrate science under the slogan First-person Science. From 11:30 am, a hundred researchers will carry out simultaneously lectures at the educational institutions which have joined the initiative.

Again, the FICSR organizes the Science Week with the support of the Department of Economy and Knowledge of the Catalan Government —through the Secretary's Office of Universities and Research— and it counts with the participation of over a hundred institutions and entities.


Science Week at schools

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