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With the aim of making scientific information more dynamic, the Government has green lit the creation of Scientia, Dipòsit d’Informació Digital del Departament de Salut. This digital platform will compile all scientific literature produced by professionals, research personnel and teachers working at entities and centers in the Catalan public health system.

Scientia will be managed by the Biblioteca de Ciències de la Salut de Catalunya del Departament de Salut and will be open, permanent and free. Users will be able to access the contents and reproduce them, with proper citation and for non-commercial use.

By creating this platform, the Government has three main goals. Firstly, it aims to maximize visibility, dissemination and impact on society of scientific production in health in Catalonia, and to ensure it is preserved, organized and free to access. It also aims to promote return on government investment in healthcare in the country and the knowledge it generates. The third and final goal of Scientia is to create and share knowledge and foster the creation of electronic publications.

Thus, the Catalan Ministry of Health aims to be a pioneer in promoting an official policy of providing open access to scientific production in the health sciences. 

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