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Sensofar, a Catalan company specialized in nanometric-sized devices, will be the first to be installed in the Terrassa Science and Technology Park (Orbital 40). This company, leader in the sector of optics and photonics, has decided, as explained by its general manager, Marc Canales, "to be committed to the future and we are convinced that thanks to everyone's efforts we can create a cluster of leading companies and create synergies with the help of the infrastructure that Terrassa offers us."

This company was created ten years ago as a spin-off from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and up to now was installed in the Institut Politècnic of the Terrassa campus that also houses other spin-offs from this university. But now, explains Canales, "at a time of growth of a company such as ours, that is committed to innovation, we believe that participating in this great project will give us many benefits, more projection in the sector and greater facility of work and expansion." And Sensofar is indeed a company that is clearly committed to innovation, carrying out research applied to the entire process of its products in collaboration with the optics research teams of the UPC. In fact, as Marc Canales explains, "our policy is to be committed to research" and it is shown by the fact that 25% of its billing is invested in R&D. As a result, the company combines new product lines with some improvement applications of added value in the knowledge of optical metrology.

The company operates with avant-garde technology offering high-precision optical devices based on the interferometry and confocal techniques. It develops, produces and markets optical and metrology instruments and a major part of the production, 90%, is aimed at exporting, especially to Europe and Asia. The alma mater of the company is Neox, an optical perfilometer that measures the shapes and roughness of technically complex surfaces with a resolution in micrometers and nanometers. It can be defined as a microscope that carries out typography of very small surfaces.

Orbital 40, looking to the innovative future

The Terrassa Science and Technology Park originated in the framework of Orbital 40, intends to become one of the leading technological parks of Catalonia and is already one of the ten innovation poles defined by the Government of the Generalitat.

The park has different strategic areas which are the Audiovisual Park, with more than 20 resident companies and another 50 related companies, the Leitat Technological Center a research centre in areas such as biotechnology and industrial chemistry; the Complex Franja Nort B- 40, dedicated to business projects of new economics; the University Campus of Terrassa, second campus of Catalonia; and Nexus III, which will be a new university-company technology transfer centre. All these areas are aimed at creating an innovation nucleus capable of attracting companies and creating synergies among them while promoting consolidation of a network of quality and innovation.

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