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Today, it is difficult to choose a professional future. Becoming a bioentrepreneur and creating one’s own business in the field of biotechnology or biomedicine is an increasingly frequent and interesting reality. Successful companies contain a special combination of ingredients: people with a clear vocation to help resolve real problems, a solution or scientific discovery that can be put into practice, capital, intellectual property and a sustainable business model.

The Catalan Association of Biotechnologists (ABSTEC) and the Fundació Escola Emprenedors are organizing the first Initiative Course to Bioentrepeneurship for life sciences and biomedicine students, graduates and researchers so they can know first hand the experiences of 14 bioentrepeneurs of the BioRegion of Catalonia:

  • When is an idea really a good opportunity? How can I protect it?
  • Which is the best business model to go ahead with my idea?
  • How can I train best a team?
  • Do I need funding? If I need it, where do I find it?
  • Which are the main risks of small companies?
  • How do the companies evolve? What do I have to take into account for the future? Which additional training will I need?

The course will take place at the Barcelona Science Park all Tuesdays of May. The answer has been very satisfactory, since the 70 course places have been filled in little more than two weeks. We "have booked the places more quickly than expected. In October we will organize a second edition. We encourage everybody who is interested in this second edition of the course to leave their e-mail address to secure a place", has explained Jordi Naval, president of the Fundació Escola Emprenedors.

The course has the support of Biocat, the University Pompeu Fabra, the University of Barcelona, "La Caixa", Barcelona Science Park, Ysios Capital Partners, among other sector organizations.

If you are interested in attending the second edition of the course, next October, please send us an e-mail to:

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