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Catalan Montserrat Barceló has been named the new executive vice-president for Europe at Trial Form Support (TFS), an international Contract Research Organisation (CRO) devoted exclusively to the development process of clinical pharmaceuticals. From 2005 to 2008, Dr. Barceló worked as Managing Director of TFS in Spain and took over as Regional Managing Director for Southern Europe (Spain, France, Italy and Portugal) in 2009. 

After acquiring CDC in 2005, TFS operations in southern Europe have developed at a fast pace, both in number of workers (going from 90 to 240 employees) and in net revenue (from €4.6 millions to €13 millions).

TFS CEO Daniel Spasic had the following to say about Barceló’s executive career: "The decision to select Montse as vice-president for Europe was very easy, as she has shown remarkable exercise and skill at growing business in southern Europe over her time at TFS, with sustained profitability that has held steady year after year. We believe she will be able to inspire all the European regions in the same way.”

The transition period will be from September to November. Dr. Barceló will continue focusing on operational excellence, implementing new services and aligning business decisions with the TFS roadmap for Europe.

Ricard Quingles will take over as Regional Managing Director for southern Europe. Quingles also joined TFS after it acquired CDC and his responsibilities were previously linked to the financial area. 

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