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Once again, Biocat has collaborated with the Barcelona Medical Association, Barcelona Activa and Esade BAN to organize the 29th Healthcare Barcelona Investment Forum. The event, held this week on October 28, will be online due to the pandemic. Biocat CEO Robert Fabregat will introduce the session with representatives from the other organizers. 

Six companies from the BioRegion, selected by a committee of experts, will pitch their biotechnology and medical device projects to investors in an attempt to raise funding to further develop the projects. The companies chosen are: DIVERSA Technologies, Ephion Health, Gate2Brain, ICU Medical Technologies, Loop DX, and Singularity Biomed. Ephion Health, Gate2Brain, Loop DX and Singularity Biomed are startups from the BioRegion. 

Since its first edition in 2010, this meeting of the Catalan biomedical ecosystem has been a springboard for 250 healthcare startups. The companies that have pitched their projects at the Forum have raised a total of €186 million, as Nadia Pons, director of the Barcelona Medical Association Health Entrepreneurship Program, announced at the latest edition of the event.  

If you want to attend, it’s not too late. Use this form to sign up and get access to a live stream of this event for the Catalan biomedical ecosystem that merges innovation and entrepreneurship. Check out the program


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