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Prevtec microbia Inc., a company from Quebec that develops innovative animal health technology, has closed a $4 millions financing round with guidance from Catalan consultancy Trifermed Group. The financing was led by Telesystem, which has been investing in Prevtec microbia since 2007 through ID Capital Management. Other investors include Infu Capital, the diversification investment arm of Grupo Fuertes; Echo Capital Fier Outaouais, which is investing in this company for the first time, as well as continued support from current investor Accès Capital Québec.

The proceeds will mainly be used to fund the European certification process for Prevtec microbia’s products. Their first product, the Coliprotec vaccine against E. Coli associated post-weaning diarrhea in swine, has been commercialized in Canada since 2008. It was also introduced in Brazil through a distribution agreement with Virbac, the 8th largest veterinary pharmaceutical group in the world. Coliprotec is expected to be available in the United States and Mexico as of 2012 and in Europe in 2014.

The founder and president of Trifermed is Dr. Sergi Trilla, who after years working in healthcare began his career in the biopharmaceutical sector at Sanofi-Winthrop (now Sanofi-Aventis) in Medical Marketing. Later, he held the position of Head of International Marketing at Grupo Ferrer for more than 60 countries. He has founded new companies, some of which work in the health sector in areas like management of strategic information for decision-making and marketing through social networks.

Canadian company Prevtec microbia specializes in technology and products addressing the swine, poultry and cattle industries that improve animal health and increase production yield and food safety. In recent years, the company has committed to forging strategic alliances and partnerships in order to develop, produce and market their products around the world under their own brand. “Current shareholders strongly believe in the company’s strategic plan,” commented Jean-Paul Tardif, managing partner and vice-president for Business Valuation of Telesystem. “The strength and quality of the international partnerships we are forging will allow the company to be a global leader in its field.”

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