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By Biocat

The Catalan consulting company Trifermed and the German CRO (Contract Research Organization) Klifovet have announced an alliance that aims to assist start-ups in the field of animal health and nutrition so their products reach the market faster and with the maximum value.

Trifermed President, Dr. Sergi Trilla, explained that "adding value to products from the outset is more attractive not only for industry but also for investors."

Trifermed, based in ESADE’ s Creapolis  at St Cugat, Barcelona, is specialized in business development since the introduction of products, technologies or services in any market at any stage, from additional value search (products to expand the existing portfolio, support for financing projects, manufacturing partners, etc.) to market research, legal support and advice on business strategies. The Catalan firm, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary, has customers in Europe, Canada, Israel and Latin America. Last November, it advised Trifermed Prevtec microbes (Quebec) in a new financing round of $ 4 million.

Klifovet, established in 1997 in Munich, is dedicated to developing products for veterinary medicine and food additives. "This alliance is an excellent complement to our customers who need advice to develop business. In the same way, we contribute to the success of our Trifermed customers with our sound experience in law and in veterinary products’ development " said Klaus Hellman, CEO of Klifovet.

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