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The University of Girona (UdG) Research Group in Engineering of Product, Process and Production (GREP) is organizing a networking session entitled Researching for Biomedical Devices Design and Prototyping, at the Girona Polytechnic School on 13 July.

The GREP’s participation in the European Marie Curie Actions program for technological research and development –part of the 7th Framework Program (7FP)- has allowed them to start up the IREBID project (International Research Exchange for Biomedical Devices Design and Prototyping), through which they aim to create or reinforce synergies between technologists and doctors. GREP participants explain that these collaborations are expected to yield innovative projects with important potential in the current market.

The networking session, therefore, aims to present and explain business opportunities that arise from this debate between technologists and doctors to interested companies, establishing collaborations between Catalan research centers and companies that develop their business in the medical technology field.

In addition to the GREP research group, there will be five specialized international collaborators from the medical field: Dr. Elisabetta Ceretti, professor at the University of Brescia (Italy) and member of the Technologies and Manufacturing Systems research group; Dr. Paulo Bartolo, professor at the Leiria Polytechnic Institute (Portugal) and member of the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development (CDRsp) research group; Dr. Ciro A. Rodríguez, professor at the Monterrey Technology Institute (Mexico); Dr. Jorge Vicente Lopes da Silva, member of the Renato Archer Information Technology Center (Brazil); and Dr. Tugrul Özel, professor in the Industrial Engineering Department at Rutgers (University of New Jersey, United States) and member of the Manufacturing Automation Research Laboratory research group.


To sign up, send an email to (Deadline: 9/7/2010).

Date: 13 July 2010?
Time: 10 am to 2 pm and 4 to 7 pm?
Place: University of Girona • Polytechnic School • Av. Lluís Santaló, s/n • Girona (Spain)

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