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By Biocat

JPT Peptide-Technologies GmbH —subsidiary of Bion-Tech AG (Germany)—, the IUCT and Leitat will collaborate on the  joint development of an enhanced anticancer therapy based on the biofocused targeting of nucleoside analogs linked to small cyclic peptidomimetics. The project has received funding of the EuroTransbio Initiative.

The goal is to create novel chemotherapeutic products exhibiting an enhanced safety and efficacy profile by selectively targeting inactive cytotoxic compounds toward tumor cells.

The company JPT has a long history in the identification of peptides and their therapeutic potential in drug development. The managing director, Holger Wenschuh said that "previous scientific work between  IUCT and Leitat has laid a solid foundation for applying our peptide focused medicinal chemistry experience  and capabilities to systematically amend physicochemical properties of the target compounds creating optimized functional profiles."

IUCT and Leitat have worked  together to develop new therapies against neoplastic diseases for several years. "With JPT we have found a reliable partner which complements our expertise in the creation of new compounds against cancer," said Josep Castells, IUCT CEO.

IUCT main business line, founded in 1997, is drug knowledge transfer and R&D, industrial biotechnology and green chemistry. In the field of drug discovery, IUCT has experience in the information related to cancer, viral diseases, CNS disorders, inflammation, pain and osteoarthritis. And in the biotechnology industry, has developed a platform that allows the synthesis of many complex molecules that are not easily accessible by chemical synthesis methods.

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