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The Barcelona City Council —through the agency Barcelona Activa— has put into motion financial aid for the companies of Barcelona and the metropolitan area that contract one or more participants of the program Joves amb futur. The purpose is to improve the professional qualification of the young people and facilitate their incorporation in companies.

The financial aid is available in different economic sectors, among which, as Barcelona Activa informed Biocat, are biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technologies.

The contract, which will be for training and will have a six-month term, must be signed between July and 31 December 2011. The amount of the subsidy will be 70% of the minimum interprofessional salary for a period of six months. This means a subsidy of €443.31 monthly for the young contracted person. The young people will have been selected and will have received specific training of a 300-hour duration.

The subsidy will be paid according to the real time of the young person's stay in the company with a maximum of six months. An advance payment of the subsidy will be made at two months from the date of the contract, and the rest will be paid upon finalising the justification.

The Barcelona City Council will facilitate the management and processing of the financial aid through a technical support team for the companies and a management application. For consultations, contact:


Application form (up to 15 November 2011)

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