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Sabirmedical is a company focused on the development of medical technologies at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) Bioincubator. It has announced the closing of its first round of investment for an amount of 5 million Euros. Ysios Capital Partners has led this round together with Caixa Capital Risc, which is the risk capital management company of "la Caixa".

This new financing means an injection of capital directed to finalize the development of a measurer of blood pressure and to initiate its phase of commercialization. It will also finance the rest of the products in their portfolio and endow the company with the necessary resources to expand.

The new device will be launched worldwide in 2012

The company foresees its device will reach the market at the beginning of 2012 worldwide. Sabirmedical is specialized in developing medical technology for diagnosis and monitoring of different pathologies. The technology developed by the company is based on artificial intelligence and is used to develop devices and medical sensors used in hospitals and different medical assistance environments. "We focus on the development of sensors and devices based on the application of innovative software in the area of the machine learning", says Vicent Ribas, director of Technology and co founder of the company.

Sabirmedical product which is most advanced in its development process is a non invasive accuracy device to measure continuous arterial pressure which does not need calibration, not even a bracelet. This device has passed the test in patients in intensive cares units proving its reliability. It will be ready to be used in hospitals and sanitary contexts where it is necessary to monitor continuous arterial pressure in a non invasive way.

Solid position in patent rights

Besides, based on the same technology, the company has other products in its initial development phase, among which we find a non invasive glucose meter. "Sabirmedical has attracted us as investors because precisely it covers a clear medical need, with a solid position in patent and intellectual rights. In few months, it will validate its developments with international industrial partners with long experience in the area of the medical technology. We expect this investment to cheer up other biotech and medical sector companies to follow a similar path", has stated Josep Lluís Sanfeliu, partner of Ysios Capital Partners.


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