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Innovate in health

We empower the future generations of health innovators

Hundreds of students and professionals have received training in innovation and entrepreneurship thanks to the initiative Biocat launched in 2013 called Moebio, a groundbreaking health accelerator in Europe. Biocat’s first postgrad program, Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona), has generated 5 startups in the past 7 years and 95% of its alumni have found jobs in the health sector immediately after completing the program. The first success story was medtech startup Mowoot-UsMiMa, which already has a product on the market and has raised over €5 million in public and private funding.

In its current version, d·HEALTH Barcelona Part Time is a six month program with online training sessions, a clinical immersion at collaborating hospitals and several in person meetings. The training process covers drawing up a business plan, from identifying unmet clinical needs to scouting for funding. The goal is to provide the basic tools for developing a new product, from concept to market.

Short Programs

If you don’t have much time and have specific questions about one of the aspects of the innovation process (product development, market access, etc.), every year Biocat offers a series of Short Programs featuring three, four or five sessions on innovation in the life sciences and healthcare sector.

These training programs can help you define your entrepreneurial project, but also introduce innovation processes in more mature businesses working or looking to break into the health sector.

Solutions for entrepreneurial projects

Born in d·HEALTH, accelerated in CRAASH

Heecap is a company created through the d·HEALTH Barcelona Part-Time program and selected for CRAASH that is developing a solution for weakened respiratory muscles in ICU patients on mechanical ventilation.

Video Startup Generation with Sofia Ferreira (Heecap)
Sofía Ferreira, founder of Heecap, believes one of the challenges entrepreneurs face is putting together a strong team that is committed to the project.
Resources to innovate

Learn, connect, interact

If you want to focus your career on innovation and entrepreneurship, in addition to the training programs, Biocat also offers various activities and initiatives that will give you strategic information, the opportunity to connect with key organizations and individuals in the ecosystem, and the chance to meet and interact with international players.

Noteworthy among these activities:

  • Access to funding, contacts and training under various European projects. 
  • Joining delegations to international fairs and events.
  • Taking part in benchmark innovation events, like 4YFN and Barcelona Innovation Week.
  • Periodic information on relevant calls, job offers, events held by Biocat or others.
  • Yearly presentation of the BioRegion Report.
  • Access to the Catalonia Health and Life Sciences Data Platform, the directory where you can discover and connect with all the stakeholders in the BioRegion.
Programs to learn to innovate

Disruptive solutions to real needs

Learn how to design solutions for real clinical needs, develop them and take them to market.

Programes per aprendre a innovar

d·HEALTH Barcelona Part Time

A program to learn how to innovate and develop a business model from unmet clinical needs.

Aimed at students, researchers and professionals who want to learn how to innovate in healthcare.


Short Program 2023: Market Access

Five-session program to learn the basic elements that must be taken into account to bring new health products and services to market.

Aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals who want to bring new health products or services to market.


Short Program 2023: Product Development

Four sessions covering the basic aspects of coming up with and creating a new product.

For people looking to become entrepreneurs or who already have a project in the early stages.


Short Program 2023: Understanding Healthcare Systems

Discover the latest trends and challenges of healthcare systems in Spain, Europe and the United States.

For health professionals and entrepreneurs interested in understanding the context of their projects.


Short Program 2023: Introduction to the Life Sciences Industry

Five sessions to learn how the pharma, biotech and medtech industries are organized and innovate.

For professionals, entrepreneurs and students looking for an overview of the sector.

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