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Information and contacts

From the Investment Portal to Matching Days

Biocat identifies academic projects and startups/spinoffs all over Catalonia that are looking for investment, licensing or co-development deals, helping investment funds and corporations with scouting and identifying investment or licensing opportunities (see the Invest BioRegio Portal and the BioRegion Directory). In addition to this information, we contribute our expertise on hospitals, research centers, technology transfer offices and the whole startup ecosystem. 

We also make our offices available for meetings between entrepreneurs and research personnel and investors visiting Catalonia, and host Matching Days for the sector focusing on specific countries. This way, we boost the visibility of companies in the BioRegion, their access to capital and technology transfer, one of Biocat’s key activities.

What we can do for you

Multidimensional collaboration

Biocat offers a reciprocal collaboration relationship with investors, who can also take part as mentors in Biocat programs, debate forums, assessments of sector trends and needs.

Some examples of our services:

  • Access to portfolio of investment opportunities in the BioRegion
  • Information on sector trends
  • Information and contact with benchmark centers in specific indications
  • Contact with other investors
  • Access to competent authorities on fiscal/legal issues
  • Information on extraordinary advantages, like the FITA fund

Contact us and we’ll help make your investment in the BioRegion a positive experience.

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