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For all types of investment

Biocat works with various types of investors (VC firms, business angels, corporate funds, accelerators, philanthropic funds) with different interests, and helps put them in touch with projects at research organizations and startups identified as looking for direct investment, as well as licensing or co-development deals. 

The Invest BioRegion Portal provides this information in an organized layout, so it can be searched with keywords and filtered using various criteria, and allows those interested to receive information on the projects without intermediaries and to set up initial contact and meetings without sharing confidential information.

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Catalonia Health & Life Sciences Platform

Strategic information for investing

This Directory helps you quickly find companies looking for funding or with molecules in development for a specific therapeutic area. Find out how it works. 

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Success stories and exits in all subsectors

Analyzing the portfolio of investment in the BioRegion between 2018 and 2022, you can see it is well balanced with a diversity of subsectors (biotech, medtech and digital health) in operations under €50 million, although biotech firms stand out in the number of rounds and exits, given their business model, with timelines and development costs that require repeated, and large, injections of capital. 

In 2022, Medtech firm Impress closed the first megaround in the BioRegion (€122 million) and biotech companies Minoryx and SpliceBio secured rounds of €50 million each. The most important digital health startups in recent years (Doctoralia and Advance Medical) were acquired by big global players (Docplanner and Teladoc) with payouts of €20 million and €300 million, respectively. 

Mergers, acquisitions and IPOs round out a catalog of 25 exits in the past 5 years, while the group of startups (23) that raised between €1 million and €3 million in 2022 points to bigger rounds to come in the future.

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