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Biocat attends annual meeting of Council of European Bioregions in Munich

Dr. Montserrat Vendrell has been re-appointed to the CEBR Steering Committee, which includes representatives from countries like Germany, France, Sweden and Norway.

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The Council of European Bioregions (CEBR) is holding its annual meeting on 16 and 17 January in Munich (Germany) with the members of the newly reappointed Steering Committee, including Biocat CEO Dr. Montserrat Vendrell. Vendrell was on the previous Steering Committee, whose challenge for 2014 is to develop and extend the CEBR network.

The new CEBR Steering Committee is made up of executives from some of the top European bioclusters (representing ten countries): Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany), Wallonia (Belgium), East Scotland, BioRegion of Catalonia (Spain), Lyon (France), Helsinki (Finland), Piedmont (Italy), Tromsø (Norway), Leiden (Netherlands) and Uppsala (Sweden).

Dr. Vendrell, like last year, is attending the Munich meeting with Biocat Director of Innovation Dr. Marta Príncep. Over these two days, in addition to presenting the new Committee, CEBR members are discussing key topics like the tools in Europe for supporting biocluster development (mainly funding programs), the future of life science clusters and their management, and European exploitation of Members activities and projects.

Marta Príncep and Montserrat Vendrell at the presentation of the 2011 Biocat Report with Jordi Martí of Amgen.