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Third-largest pharmaceutical association in Japan seeks partners in Catalonia

The Toyama Pharmaceutical Association visited the BioRegion on an ICEX reverse mission with collaboration from Biocat 

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A delegation of biopharmaceutical companies from Japan visited the BioRegion in search of partners for this Asian market. The mission, organized by ICEX with collaboration from Biocat, featured companies from the Toyama Pharmaceutical Association, the third-largest business association in the sector in Japan after those in Tokyo and Osaka. This association, founded in 1952, has 59 pharmaceutical companies and 62 complementary service providers.

Specifically, the reverse mission included four Japanese companies that focus mainly on generics, OTC and biosimilars: KYUKYU Pharmaceutical, Kokando, Kongo Chemical and Nitto Medic. These companies are looking for partners to explore contract manufacturing in Asia and build distribution networks in new markets, among other goals.

The event, held in Barcelona, featured representatives from ICEX, Biocat, Farmaindustria, Asebio, Directorate-General of Commerce in Barcelona, Invest in Spain and the Spanish Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs in Tokyo.