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Welcome potential partners from all over Europe

Biocat also provides support for inviting and hosting companies and other potential partners from around Europe during the most important fairs and congresses organized in Barcelona.

Plus, if you want to invite your international partners for a short stay with you, we’ll help you prepare a schedule and cover travel and accommodations. 

How can you take part?


  • Contact us to show your interest. Write to Albert Guerrero at
  • Set up a profile on the ECCP portal that manages the exchanges.
  • Lay out your goals for the stay.
  • Note who will represent the company on the exchange (only one grant per person and company).
  • Agree on the length of your stay, three days to one month (for under five days, the applicant is only eligible for half the grant available per participant).
  • Propose a host organization. They can be partners in BRIGHT (Connected Health, STUNS Life Sciences, Eurasanté) or any other EU body.
Check out the portal
Want to transform your company and make the most of what BRIGHT has to offer?

Contact us, we’re here to help.

montse daban
Montserrat DabanStrategic Foresight and International Relations


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