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The hub of advanced and emerging therapies in Catalonia

Advanced therapies are innovative treatments utilizing genes, cells, or tissues with advanced medical applications, including bioengineering and combinations with products such as matrices, biological or synthetic products (medical devices), tissues, or even organs. These methods surpass conventional therapies by focusing on the use of cells, tissues, or genes to restore, enhance, or replace affected bodily functions. In Catalonia, advanced and emerging therapies are gaining interest and development within an ecosystem that involves several significant organizations.

In 2022, the Government of Catalonia entrusted Biocat with the coordination of establishing the Hub of Advanced and Emerging Therapies in Catalonia as a strategic partner to ensure the success of this project.


The objectives of the Hub of Advanced and Emerging Therapies in Catalonia are:

  1. Patient Accessibility: Ensure patient access to therapeutic solutions resulting from research in advanced and emerging therapies developed within the country.
  2. Increase in Clinical Trials: Enhance the capacity of hospitals and the entire healthcare system to conduct clinical trials in advanced and emerging therapies.
  3. Boosting Industrial Development: Define processes and collaboration models to drive the industrial development and scaling of these therapies.
  4. Social and Economic Impact: Enhance the connection between the healthcare system and the industrial fabric, increasing the social and economic impact of a rising strategic sector.

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