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More about EATRIS-Plus

EATRIS (European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine) is a consortium (European Research Infrastructure Consortium, ERIC) that provides services and resources for the scientific community and companies to transfer their discoveries to benefit patients. Through EATRIS, the research community has access to the facilities and technology at 144 top-notch European centers, to do preclinical and clinical research on new therapies and diagnostic tools, especially in the field of personalized medicine (biomarkers, advanced therapies, medical imaging, etc).

The EATRIS-Plus project aims to support the sustainability of EATRIS by offering advanced science tools (focusing on the omic technologies), improving the infrastructure’s financial model and promoting its leadership in personalized medicine.

To do so, a joint work plan will be promoted by the partners in 17 European countries (Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic and Sweden), with activities for training, engagement among sector stakeholders and international collaboration.

Project members

The project is led by ETRIS-ERIC, based in the Netherlands, and has a total of 23 participants.

With support from

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