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Strengthening and transforming the ecosystem

Barcelona works to drive the ecosystem’s international competitiveness and project the leadership of Barcelona and Catalonia in European and global health innovation. This way, we help attract top-notch talent, promote participation in large international consortia, draw in investment and new companies, and encourage international innovation centers and institutions to land here. By boosting global visibility, we make it easier for companies to find new partners and access international markets.

Transformative projects

Aligned with Europe to lead innovation

Biocat works to promote the ecosystem’s sustainable digital transformation, for a more resilient industry and to promote more inclusive, equitable innovation agendas that are aligned with global challenges. We work with other European clusters to contribute from Catalonia to a more technologically competitive Europe, in line with the New European Innovation Agenda. With European funding, we connect the BioRegion with the most innovative ecosystems and promote its leadership in personalized medicine, advanced therapies and digital health, building collaboration and funding opportunities for the agents in the ecosystem. The projects with acceleration actions for companies are in the Programs section.


The Innaxe project aims to interconnect and invigorate European innovation ecosystems in the life sciences and health.


FLASH is working to improve European healthcare systems by introducing innovations to their funding and organization mechanisms.


EDAH is working to facilitate connections among innovation ecosystems to build the European Health Data Space (EHDS).


The goal of the EATRIS-Plus project is to consolidate the EATRIS-ERIC infrastructure for personalized medicine.

More projects


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