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More about the FLASH project

New funding mechanisms to tackle healthcare challenges

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, all European countries increased resources available for healthcare and redistributed human and economic resources. However, healthcare systems are facing other challenges that require innovative solutions and efficient, flexible funding mechanisms to be overcome successfully.

Through an exhaustive analysis of mechanisms for funding healthcare services in Europe, using various methodological approaches, FLASH aims to study current capacities to tackle these challenges and find new solutions to make healthcare systems more effective, efficient and equitable.

Specific goals of FLASH

  • Establish funding models that efficiently and equitably meet healthcare needs
  • Identify the key indicators of resilience in healthcare systems to improve their ability to face crises and structural changes in the long term
  • Provide guidance on how better integration of healthcare services could improve healthcare efficacy and efficiency
  • Contribute to better understanding of existing incentives and develop new ones

Biocat’s role in the FLASH project is to develop tools to help payers better predict the financial and organizational impact of new technology on the healthcare system, thus helping bring it to patients.

Project members

The project, coordinated by Universita degli Studi di Verona (Italy), has 17 participating organizations from 9 European countries.

With support from

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