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More about the Innaxe project

Improve innovation strategies of European bioclusters

Biocat leads the Innaxe project (Inclusive and Aligned Innovation Agendas Across Europe), funded by the Horizon Europe program, to explore how to generate a greater impact of our actions in the BioRegion. The project aims to reach the whole of Europe, thanks to the 5 clusters and the network of 45 bioregions that make up the consortium.

The 4 pillars of the project are:

  • In-depth knowledge of the ecosystem and international comparison of the indicators used.
  • Comparison of programs and services offered by the partner entities. 
  • Analysis of the impact of these programs and services on the ecosystem.
  • Joint action plan to improve the portfolio of services and promote the dynamism and competitiveness of innovative systems in the EU.

In the first phase of the project (2020-2024), the partners will agree on a series of indicators to measure the innovation performance of life sciences and healthcare technology ecosystems and so regions can be compared. In the second phase, the consortium will get public and private stakeholders from their regions involved in the project’s reflection and co-creation activities.

Finally, a joint action plan will be drawn up with the high-impact actions, in order to build more interconnected, inclusive, sustainable, vibrant and competitive life sciences and healthcare ecosystems throughout Europe.

Main activities of Innaxe

  • Map andmeasure strengths and weaknesses and capacities and needs of the partner ecosystems.
  • Assess the impact of programs and services partners offer their ecosystem in terms of connections, acceleration, scaling up innovation, talent and competitiveness.
  • Compare practices with other clusters in a standardized way to find the most valuable ones, and help bridge the gap between leading innovative regions and more modest ones.
  • Strengthen dialog and scale up connections among ecosystems and among innovation stakeholders at all levels of the quadruple helix.
  • Draft and prepare the implementation of a five-year joint action plan to foster the interconnection and competitiveness of innovative ecosystems around the EU.

The stakeholders of the ecosystems will take part in validating the initiatives on the action plan through surveys.

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Project members

The project, led by Biocat, has the following partners: Île-de-France (France), Rhine-Neckar (Germany), Bulgaria and Denmark bioclusters, and the Council of European BioRegions (CEBR).

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