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On March 25, 26 and 27, the 13th edition of the annual BIO-Europe Spring  conference in Vienna, the main meeting for the biotechnology, pharmacy and finance industry will be held for three days. The event will have about 2,500 executives of companies in the sector that will participate in more than 14,000 partnering meetings. It will be workshops, panels and exhibitions, along with face-to-face meetings.

The partnering system is open since February 11, 2019.

Financial aids and discounts

1. Biocat discount:

For this event Biocat offers a 300 euros discount. In order to obtain it, you must include the code Biocat2019 in the “VIP CODE” box of the form when making the registration. This discount is not compatible with that of ASEBIO.

2. Boost4Health aid:

If you are a Boost4Health registered company you are entitled to a special discount of 250 euros off the official fee. In case you are not already registered, you can register at the following link:

To obtain the discount (not compatible with that of Biocat or ASEBIO), you must include the code Boost4Health2019 in the “Have a VIP Code” box of the form when making the registration.

The Boost4Health registered companies are also eligible to receive a travel voucher for up to 500 euros here: Travel Vouchers are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis. 

On Tuesday, 16th March, at 4:30pm Boost4Health will host a reception at Imperial Riding School Reinassance Hotel, close by the Conference centre. This is a great opportunity to meet with other companies and service providers on the Boost4Health programme. To attend the Boost4Health Reception, contact Susan Ingham ( by no later than 22nd February 2019.

3. ASEBIO discount:

ASEBIO members have a discount of 300 euros to attend to BIO-Europe Spring. In order to obtain it, they must include the code Asebio2019 in the “VIP CODE” box of the form when making the registration.

4. ICEX aid:

ICEX, through its Internationalization Plan for the biotechnology sectoroffers up to 30% of the registration fee for the event, at most, for those companies that meet the usual requirements. Check here the ICEX Call. Companies that are interested in requesting the help of ICEX should send this application duly completed before February 14 to

The grants will be assigned in rigorous order of application until the budget assigned by ICEX for the activity is exhausted. If you have any question, please contact Margarita Arriaga, phone number: 91 210 93 10 / 74.


More information:

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