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On September 4, Scanbalt Digital Forum 2020 will be held in digital format. The forum, which is part of the associated program of the Federal Ministry of Health within the Presidency of the German Council of the EU, will highlight the importance of digital data exchange in the field of health in Europe.

Scanbalt Digital Forum 2020 will bring together universities, hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceutical, medical device companies and startups in Europe to present examples of good practices with the aim of offering recommendations for the creation of a single European data space, necessary for the fight of the current Covid-19 pandemic.  

The forum will be divided into 4 main topics:

  1. The cross-country collaboration on healthcare between European member states

  2. A digital solution for the next generation of health research

  3. Digital solutions for resilient population protection

  4. Digital solutions for protective elderly care and health care systems

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