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A lack of quality sleep has consequences that go much further than just being tired the next day. If it persists over time, it is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and, even, cancer. In order to discuss all of these issues, world-renowned physicians and scientists, as well as technology and social stakeholders, met for the debate ‘Sleep: the Fourth Pillar of Health’.


Movement among big names in the sector, acquisitions at pharmaceutical corporations, news from start-ups and an avalanche of scientific publications this January


Companies in the BioRegion of Catalonia get €200 off, €400 if they register by February 15


A group of students will identify unmet needs that can become business opportunities in the Clinical Directorate of the Thoracic Department


The program helps accelerate projects involving medical devices, diagnostics, e-health and digital health from Catalonia and around Europe


It is now possible to predict which diseases will affect plants each year (and how they will defend themselves), to suggest which plant variety (of rice, for example) could be more resistant the following year. Global experts met at B·Debate to discuss the concept of pathogenesis in plants.