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The 3rd annual Open Innovation Forum is here. This program is promoted by Biocat and other organizations and allows companies to share their innovation challenges and get proposals from research groups and centers.

The Open Innovation Forum is open year-round and divided into six areas of knowledge (healthcare and life sciences, food, chemistry, energy and resources, industrial systems and mobility).

Any companies and stakeholders that are interested in participating can register their challenges, as many as they want, and will get solution proposals within 6-8 weeks. After that, they can schedule bilateral meetings with the centers that proposed solutions. Two events will be held in 2020: one online on July 15 and another in November, format and date to be determined.

Signing up for the program gives you access to the platform all year long and costs €250 for companies and €150 for problem-solvers.

The Open Innovation Forum is organized by Biocat, Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, UPF Ventures, UAB Research Park, CIT-UPC, IDIBELL and ACCIÓ.

The previous Open Innovation Forum, held in 2019, saw nearly 80 challenges from 33 companies and more than 100 registered problem-solvers, with nearly 180 meetings held.

If you have any questions, contact the Project Manager for this program: Marta Clotet (


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