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In the past year, despite the pandemic, the startups in the BioRegion have kept on improving their solutions and developing new products to improve people’s health. 4YFN, is the major event that allows entrepreneurs to share their latest developments with investors, other startups, corporations and public institutions. 

Biocat, in conjunction with ACCIÓ, Barcelona Tech City and CataloniaBio & HealthTech, has its own area within 4YFN where it is coordinating the presence of 27 companies and entities from the BioRegion. Below we're going to give you a glimpse into this past year’s newest developments by these startups, some of which will be unveiled at the event. Don’t miss them!

4 new developments at the intersection of technology and health

A box with monitoring devices that saves lives 

At 4YFN HumanITcare, the platform to remotely monitor people’s health, will unveil a box with different approved medical devices for patients: pulsometer, auxometer, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, etc. In this way, professionals will monitor the paitent’s health via their platform, which has recently been given CE marking. The box can be obtained in some hospitals and institutions, or patients can receive it directly at home. We encourage you to learn how HumanITcare works via these stories

New breakthrough product in the clinical research sector

This year IOMED, the company that has created artificial intelligence tools that make it easier to collect data to be categorized, has launched a new product that you can learn more about at the conference. Compass is a consultation interface which provides access to data from clinical records automatically in a single click, always guaranteeing patients’ protection. Here's a sneak peek in this video, but be sure to come learn more about it if you have any questions! 


An app about breastfeeding, now for professionals as well

LactApp has recently released a new application: LactApp Medical. The startup, which cares for women during pregnancy and early motherhood via a mobile app that provides personalized answers to their questions, will showcase its new product, this one targeted at healthcare professionals. The device contains specific items for professionals who help mothers and nursing babies (with particular attention to COVID-19). It is free to download and has a Premium option. Interested? Learn more about it at their stand!

Virtual reality to avoid sedation during radiation therapy

The company Nixi for Children will present the project I am Ready: virtual reality entertainment so children with cancer can learn about the place where they’ll receive treatments to make them more relaxed during the sessions. The project, which has enlisted the cooperation of the Ricky Rubio Foundation and has been operating at the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron since April, will be on display for the first time outside hospitals at 4YFN! Don’t miss it! To give you a hint, this video shows how it works and what its benefits are.  

Other news you can’t miss

Promotions for mental health professionals

Aimentia, the digital health startup with artificial intelligence solutions for patients in the field of mental health, will take advantage of 4YFN to promote their new platform with a very appealing promotion: unlimited free access for healthcare professionals working in mental health and their patients for two months. If you're at the fair and are interested in taking advantage of this promotion, don’t hesitate to ask!


New study with positive clinical results 

This year, MOWOOT isn’t going to unveil any new products, but it will share an exceptional milestone: the publication of its first international clinical study in the journal 'Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology', which outlines the outstanding results that have proven the efficacy and safety of the medical device. MOWOOT, the startup founded as part of the d·HEALTH Barcelona program - which, by the way, is accepting registrations for its upcoming 2022 edition - offers (clinically proven) benefits for treating constipation non-invasively. Come learn about their device!

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