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Clinical decision support systems are computer systems designed to collaborate in real time in making medical decisions for individual patients. The recent emergence of large-scale clinical data, new data-processing technologies, and the evolution of computing are being determined by the development of these tools.

With a focus on these means of support, the e-Health Investment Forum, co-organized by the Barcelona Medical Association (CoMB), ESADE BAN, Biocat, Barcelona Activa, EIT Health and Barcelona Health Hub (BHH), was held as part of the Health Revolution Congress, the largest European summit on digital health bringing together emerging companies in the sector and stakeholders from around the world. 

After a welcome session by the collaborating entities, during which Biocat CEO Robert Fabregat highlighted the importance of investment and innovation to continue growing and having a strong, leading ecosystem, there was a panel discussion with professionals from different sectors of the BioRegion.  Under the title ‘Importance of medical decision support tools for the improvement of clinical practice and how they are being integrated into the flow of hospitals’, Julianna Ribera, Medical Director of Amalfi, Pablo Nieto, Managing Director of Health Ventures, Pau Rodriguez, CEO of Methinks, and Carme Pratdepàdua i Bufill, Head of Oficina mHealth cat TIC Salut, had a discussion about the value of these tools for improving clinical practice and how they are being integrated into hospital dynamics and protocols. In their discussions, they stressed the importance of investing in primary care, empowering patients, and having tools to speed up tasks. Before finishing, they underscored how key the preparation of medical professionals of the 21st century is.

Welcome from the collaborating entities to the e-Health Investment Forum

The selected companies got to present their digital solutions based on software, algorithms, and platforms focused on helping clinical professionals make decisions in the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prediction of medical conditions and diseases.

  • Dive Medical: offers technology enabling automatic, fast, and accurate exploration of the visual function, even in non-verbal patients, to obtain more objective data for better medical decisions.
  • Doctomatic: a remote patient-monitoring tool focused on reducing care costs for chronic patients, improving their quality of life and making health professionals’ work easier.
  • L&M Data Science: delivers cutting-edge technology that provides accurate and precise imaging data that is critical to the success of pre-clinical drug development programs.
  • Nootric: offers a customized nutrition program based on cognitive-behavioral techniques to help understand eating behavior and develop skills to change effectively.
  • Panel Health: has developed an empathetic conversational bot to connect with humans, combined with a natural language processing (NLP) model that analyzes RWD to deliver high-value metrics, insights, and benchmarks.
  • Smart Circuit: has developed the PreHab digital platform, which offers a preventive and customized pre-operative program to improve the results of surgical operations and reduce post-operative complications.
  • Tensor Medical: has developed a software platform that significantly improves the evaluation of the therapeutic response of patients with multiple sclerosis, optimizing their clinical management and increasing their quality of life.
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