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By Biocat

AB-Biotics has signed a contract granting Aceto Corporation the exclusive distribution of its anti-cholesterol probiotic, AB-Life, in United States and Canada. The operation is estimated to provide Catalan biotech with a turnover of about €3.5 million during the three and a half years, renewable, of the contract. 

AB-Life will be launched on the North American market in the next six months, with great sales potential, as in United States alone over 100 million adults have over average total blood cholesterol levels (200mg/dl) according to the American Heart Association.

"This contract is a great achievement because there are two key markets in our internationalization plan, and now we can enter them in association with an excellent, well-positioned local partner”, point out  Miquel Àngel Bonachera and Sergi Audivert, co-founders and CEOs of AB-Biotics.

The contract will provide an estimated turnover of €3.5 million during the next three and a half years.

Aceto, listed on Nasdaq and with a turnover of $412.4 million last year, distributes components for global firms in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agricultural and chemical industries. "Aceto Corporation also has a strong sales network in China and India and this opens the door to a possible future entry to the Asian market”, say Bonachera and Audivert.

The agreement is the fifth international licence agreement signed by AB-Biotics in 2012. The probiotic, AB-Life, already has licence agreements in Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela, through the pharmaceutical firms,  Armstrong Laboratoris, Biolab and Laboratoris Leti SAV, respectively, while the Slovenian firm, Inspharma, has the right to distribute the product in South-Eastern Europe. In Spain and Andorra, it is already on sale in pharmacies and is marketed by Lacer.

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