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Editors of the American magazine Red Herring have selected six companies in Spain, including Catalan biotechnology firm Anaxomics, for the 2011 ranking of the one hundred most innovative companies in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Barcelona-based Anaxomics is the only company operating in the life sciences and biosciences among all the Spanish firms chosen. From other countries, the list includes Immatics biotechnologies GmbH and PomBioTech GmbH (Germany); Helioz Research and Development (Austria); Symphogen (Denmark); Mendor (Finland); AOPharma Ltd., LunGuard and Slender Medical Ltd. (Israel); Erydel (Italy); InhibOx and PneumaCare Limited (United Kingdom); and Smoltek AB (Sweden).

The companies included in this Top 100 are evaluated according to quantitative and qualitative criteria including financial performance, technological innovation, management quality, strategy execution, and dedication to research and development.

Recently, Anaxomics has developed their own technology to integrate all known information on biological networks and drug action mechanisms in a large-scale, interconnected network in order to later predict the future efficacy and safety of drugs in the development stage.

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, eBay and Skype were highlighted by Red Herring editors from the beginning as leaders that would change the way we work and live.

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