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Since they were launched in 2013, the Daniel Bravo grants have given young Catalan researchers the chance to do short stays –from one to nine months- at foreign research centers specializing in cardiovascular health in Europe and North America.

The grants, with a €3,000 monthly stipend plus travel expenses, are geared towards young researchers with a graduate or undergraduate degree that are doing research in Catalonia. Applicants must fill out an online form and submit it along with a letter of recommendation from their mentor and acceptance letter from the center where they would do the stay, as explained in the rules.

After the deadline for the call, 25 April, a group of external specialists will assess the applications received based on the scientific quality of the proposed research and the researcher’s career. The panel will also take into account the research group where they are currently working and whether the destination center has a research line that complements that of the group and has the possibility of leading to high-impact collaborations.

Over the past three years since they were created, the Daniel Bravo grants have allowed young scientists to work with renowned centers, including Massachusetts Hospital General, Edinburgh MRC Human Genetics Unit, Columbia University in New York, University of California, University College London and University of Liverpool. 

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