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19 December is a date that Catalan society has marked on their calendar. The latest edition of the La Marató de TV3 to raise money to advance research into acquired spinal and brain damage will take place this Sunday.

These injuries come on suddenly, mainly as the result of traffic, sports or work accidents but also due to strokes and some types of tumors. Research hopes to find effective treatments that improve the prognostic of patients suffering from these injuries and offer them better quality of life.

The Catalan society’s mobilization around the La Marató de TV3 makes it a unique event, a collective festival that goes beyond a television stage. Some 2,800 volunteers participate in each edition and some thousand events (concerts, sports competitions, festivals, walks, etc.) are organized around the country. These events aim to help increase the scoreboard showing how much money the program has raised, which is broadcast live on TV3 for more than 15 hours and hosted by journalist Albert Om.

Abertis Foundation and Guttmann Institute organize a batucada

The Abertis Foundation, the Guttmann Institute and the DIR Foundation have decided to join forces to organize an inclusive batucada open to the public on 15 December from 3:30 to 4.30 pm at the Guttmann Institute sports pavilion (Camí de Can Ruti, s/n de Badalona). A number of associations of people with disabilities are expected to participate, as well as patients, family members and professionals from the Guttmann Institute, volunteers from Badalona, companies that collaborate with the Guttmann Institute and DIR members.

  • To donate, call 905 11 50 50 (on 19 December 2010) or make a bank transfer  (through 31 January 2011).
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